Advisory Board

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The Advisory Committee consists of nine members appointed by the Town Moderator.

Committee members are concerned citizens with a strong interest in the workings of Town government.  The Committee’s function is to review financial and other articles on the Town Meeting warrant and make recommendations to the Town Meeting. 

During February and March, the Advisory Committee receives the Selectmen’s budget and holds budget review sessions with various Town departments and boards.  The Committee develops a set of budget recommendations for presentation to the Annual Town Meeting and informs the Selectmen of any changes to their proposed budget.  The Advisory Committee’s recommendations on the budget and other warrant articles are mailed to all registered voters. 

Each year the Advisory Committee sets aside a sum of money in the Annual Budget which is known as the reserve.  The amount of the reserve varies from year to year but is normally less between $25,000-$100,000.  During the fiscal year, if a municipal department encounters an “extraordinary and unforeseen expense,” it can appeal to the Advisory Committee for a transfer from the reserve.  Departments under the Board of Selectmen must first secure their approval on the request form before approaching the Advisory Committee.

Advisory Committee

Stephen McDonough Chairman 2018
Arthur Frontczak Member 2018
Arlie Sterling Member 2018
Peg Drisko Member 2017
Jonathan Hurwitz Member 2017
Patrick Snead Member 2019
Joyce Terrio Member 2019
Jim Tomaszewski Member 2019