Rules & Regulations Regarding Use of Conservation Managed Properties

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  1. Conservation Areas in the Town of Norfolk open at sunrise and close at sunset.
  2. No motorized vehicles, including but not limited to cars, trucks, motorbikes or other powered vehicles or tools, except for municipal vehicles, are permitted outside of specified parking areas.
  3. If not posted, fishing is allowed in season with proper licenses in accordance with applicable laws. Hunting (including Bow & Arrow, Firearms & Crossbows) is not allowed.
  4. In these areas, no person shall cut, break, remove, deface, defile, or ill use any structure, fence, sign, growing trees, bushes, plants or flowers. No trails shall be cut or marked, no dams built, nor any structures, such as a lean-to, bridge, etc., shall be constructed.
  5. No person shall engage in business, sell or expose for sale, or give away goods, wares or circulars.
  6. Overnight camping in these areas may be permitted to organizations having adult supervision present at all times. Prior written permission must be obtained from the Conservation Commission and the Chief of Police must be notified of the exact dates of occupancy and identity of accompanying responsible adult.
  7. Open fires require a permit from the Norfolk Fire Department and the Norfolk Conservation Commission.
  8. All cans, bottles, litter and garbage are to be taken away.
  9. The Conservation Commission does not patrol, and cannot assume for the Town of Norfolk, liability for injuries, damage to property or other losses. Those persons using the conservation areas assume all risks involved.

Properties including, but not limited to:

  • Lind Conservation Farm (Marshall and North Streets) – 64 acres
  • Pondville Conservation Land – Off Pond Street (adjacent parcels – 89 acres each)
  • Campbell Forest – off North Street and Alice Avenue – 42 acres
  • Kunde Conservation Land – behind H. Olive Day School – 14 acres
  • Rubin Conservation Land – Medway Street – across from Chatham Road – 16 acres
  • Kenneth Wood Conservation Land (Town Pond) – behind the old town hall – 6.5 acres
  • Comey Pond – off Main Street – 6 acres
  • City Mills Pond – Across from Camger Chemical factory – 15 acres
  • Maple Street Conservation Land – off Maple St. – across from Essex St. – 36 acres
  • Hasting Conservation Land – behind landfill – 7 acres
  • Keeney Pond Conservation Land – between RR tracks, Grove St and Keeney Pond Rd – 22.8 acres
  • Grove St. Conservation Land – between Grove St. & RR tracks, adjacent to Keeney Pond property – 5 acres
  • Bird Farm Conservation Land – off Main Street at Walpole/Norfolk townline – Stop River wetlands/floodplain area – 25 acres
  • Old Mill Meadow Conservation Land – between RR tracks, Standish Road and Seekonk Street – 5 acres
  • Toils End Farm (former Tsimortos land) - off Maple Street – 38 acres