1681 (?)

A portion of the Nathaniel Miller House was built at River End, Norfolk. The house was built by John Boyd (Boyde), from whom it descended to his son, John Jr. and then to John Jr.'s daughter Hannah who married Dr. Nathaniel Miller in 1797. This was one of the first five houses originally built on the old Indian Trail from Medfield to Wrentham (on the road leading from Wrentham to Medway and at the junction of the one leading to Franklin, by  Kingsbury's Pond). As originally built the house consisted of 3 rooms, 2 of which were approx. 17 x 17 ft. in size. John Boyd built a dam at the head of Toyles End Brook at the point where it flows out of Toyles End Pond  later it was called Blake's Pond , Cressbrook and Crystal Lake.

Settlers returned to Wrentham and began the task of rebuilding bringing withj them their wives and household goods.