The 1965 Master Plan Report for the Town of Norfolk predicted that the town could reach a population of 4,000 by 1980 - that figure was reached this year.

Town Hall renovations completed.

All burning of dumps discontinued in the state.

The Lord and Jealous Co. was still operating at City Mills.

More and more people are asking that the picturesque, winding narrow country roads be renovated for safer travel for the 1970 automobile. Dangerous curves need to be straightened, hills, ledges and trees which obstruct the driver’s view have to be removed.

Norfolk celebrates its 100th anniversary with a parade and celebrations - the Centennial Committee conducted the events in line with their charge from the Board of Selectman to "put on a celebration, that is, one in good taste and not costing all outdoors".

The Centennial School addition to the A.J. Freeman school opens.

Norfolk Historical Commission re-established.

Dr. Philip White was appointed to the permanent post of Town Historian - a post established by vote at a special town meeting.