Snowplow Damaged Mailbox Policy

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The Department of Public Works will not be responsible for repairing or installing mailboxes due to damage from snow cast or snow pushed from plows. However the Department will supply the Home Owner with a mailbox and/ or post or reimbursement up to $60.00 towards the cost of a new mail box and post.

The supply or reimbursement policy does not apply to inferior construction or mail boxes and post in deteriorated condition.

If a mailbox is damaged as a result of a direct hit by the plow, the DPW will replace the post and mailbox with the same or similar one up to a maximum cost of $300.

In order to receive reimbursement the homeowner must report the damage within a reasonable amount of time and present to the DPW a receipt for the materials purchased. A homeowner may receive only one replacement mailbox and post or reimbursement per year.

Any mail box claims after May 1st will not be considered

Hardship cases may be given special consideration by the DPW Director.

Policy Revised 3/25/2015


As you know mail delivery and snow removal meet at the curb line.

Contrary to rumor, the Snow Plow Drivers do not run over mail boxes. The damage to mailboxes is caused by the snow cast from plows or during the cleanup process when snow is fmiher pushed back to the curb line.

In the past, mailboxes have been repaired by Highway Workers, but due to the need for an immediate response, the timing couldn't be worse. Plow Drivers exhaust their energy fighting the snow then continue with storm clean-up and snow removal for the several days.

This policy will serve to have people help themselves and allow Plow Drivers to stay on task. Supervisors will continue to investigate mailbox complaints and assist Residents with a replacement box and/or post or reimbursement. As mentioned in the policy, we will follow up on all hardship cases and will assist those who can't help themselves.