Fall of 2017 Hydrant Flushing Program

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As part of an ongoing effort to improve water quality and supply to the water customers of Norfolk, the Norfolk Department of Public Works conducts a flushing program twice each year.  By implemeting this program, the Norfolk Department of Public Works intends to reduce dirty water occurrences and improve water quality.

Beginning October 9, 2017 weather permitting, the Norfolk Department of Public Works will be conducting a water system flushing program. ~The program will run for approximately four weeks, during the hours of 8:00 P.M. through 6:00 A.M. ~Please make arrangements to limit your water use during this time period.

Section 1

Meeting House Road, Liberty Lane, Independence Drive, Main Street, Canterberry Lane, Medway Street, Cress Brook Road, Lake Street

Section 2

Myrtle Street, River Road, Lakeshore Drive, Priscilla Avenue, Cresson Street, Hunter Avenue, Litchfield Avenue, Harlow Avenue, Grove Avenue, Leland Road, Miller Street, Wylie Road, Kingsbury Road, Woodward Road

Section 3

Tucker Street, Medway Branch, Barnstable Road, Wellfleet Drive, Brewster Road, Sagamore Road, Truro Road, Chatham Street

Section 4

Boardman Street, Freeman-Kennedy School, Juniper Lane, Bigelow Place, Laurel Path, Old Colony Drive, Hoover Road, Old Mill Road Barrow Place, Standish Road

Section 5

Cleveland Street, Overlea Road, Rockwood Road from Cleveland Street to Holbrook Street, Village Green, Stanhope Drive, Fleetwood Drive, Ferndale Avenue, Stacey Road

Section 6

Cleveland Street, Meadow Brook Way, Winston Road, Churchill Street, Holbrook Street, Spencer Lane, Winterberry Lane, Red Maple Run, Margeaux’s Way

Section 7

Pond View Road, Evergreen Road, Cypress Lane, Massachusetts Avenue, Applewood Road, Willow Place

Section 8

Massachusetts Avenue, Montauk Avenue, Pennacook Avenue, Pocumtuck Avenue, Stillwell Avenue, Mohegan Street, Wompanoag Avenue, Chicatabut Avenue

Section 9

Main Street from Rockwood Road to Seekonk Street, Rockwood Road from Main Street to Boardman Street, Geneva Street, Malcolm Street, Ware Drive, Hillcrest Village, Alice Avenue, Norwell Street, Spring Street, Needham Street (Main to Spring), Seekonk Street to King Philip Trail, King Philip Trail

Section 10

Main Street from Seekonk Street to Highland Lake Drive, Lincoln Road, Campbell Street, Old Campbell Street, Seekonk Street from King Philip Trail to Old Campbell Street

Section 11

Seekonk Street from Old Campbell Street to the Medfield line, Brookside Lane, Fruit Street from Seekonk to Cleveland Street, Cleveland Street from Fruit to Seekonk Street, Stop River Road, Creek Drive

Section 12

Fruit Street (Cleveland Street to Medfield town line), Noon Hill Avenue, Naugatuck Avenue, Masconomet Avenue, Cowesit Avenue, Seneca Street, Hemlock Lane, Day Street

Section 13

Pond Street from Arnold Road to Route 115, Arnold Road, Pine Street to Foxborough town line, Valley Street, Old Pond Street, Sharon Avenue, Route 115

Section 14

North Street from Marshall Street to Shears Street, Shears Street to Wrentham town line, Marshall Street, Ash Road, Mirror Lake Avenue, Birch Road, Cedar Road, Chestnut Road, Maple Road, Oak Road, Pine Road, Forest Grove Avenue

Section 15

Union Street from North Street to King Street, King Street from Union Street to Oak View Trail (including KPMS), Ridgefield Road, Longmeadow Road, Blueberry Lane, Beaverbrook Road, Stony Road, Forest Lane, Maple Street, Shady Way, Lee Ann Drive

Section 16A - 16B

King Street from Oak View Trail to Eric Street, Eric Street, Erin Street, Berkshire Street, Worcester Road, Essex Road, Park Street from Eric Street to Grove Street, Maple Street

Section 17

Union Street from Grove Street to King Street, Pheasant Hill Road, Robin Road, Bob White Lane, Quail Run Road

Section 18

Robin Road, Ridge Road, Fox Hill Lane, Chickadee Drive, Sparrow Road, Oak View Trail,  Mountain Rock Lane, Strawberry Lane, Knoll Drive

Section 19

Union Street from Town Center to Castle Road, Castle Road, Magnolia Circle, Whites Pond Drive, Crossbow Road, Trailside Road, Keeney Pond Road

Section 20

Union Street from Castle Road to Grove Street, Grove Street, Fredrickson Road, Bridie Lane, Briarwood Road, Shirley Lane

Section 21

North Street from Town Center to Needham Street, Pond Street from Needham Street to Arnold Road, Kilpatrick Way, Needham Street, Evans Lane

Section 22

North Street from Needham Street to Union Street, Audubon Trail, Diamond Street