Recreation Refund / Credit Policy

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When you register for one of our programs, we depend on your participation to make it successful. We plan for staff and supplies based on registration numbers.
Refunds will be made only if:

  • A program is canceled by the Department
  • The Department makes changes that prohibit your attendance
  • There is an unforeseen medical problem confirmed by a doctor’s note
  • The school calendar changes prohibiting attendance

Withdrawal requests from a program will be honored if the participant can be replaced by a wait list participant. In this situation, you have a choice. You may opt to have a credit issued to your account which may be used by any family member at a future date or you may receive a refund less a $10 administration fee. Sufficient notice is needed before the start of the session/program.

Circumstances Refund Credit
Department cancels program Full Amount Full Amount
Dept. changes prohibit your attendance Full Amount Full Amount
Medical problem confirmed by doctor’s note Full Amount/prorated Full Amount/prorated
Withdrawal Request/replaced by wait list Full Amount less $10 fee Full Amount
School calendar change Full Amount less $10 fee Full Amount
Transfer from one program to another program. Transfer is done in office. N/A Allowed only if initial program has enough participants less $10 fee

Posted April 6, 2016