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Carol Greene
Town Clerk
Anthony Turi
Assistant Town Clerk
Town Clerk's Office
One Liberty Lane
Norfolk, MA 02056
Monday thru Thursday
9 AM — 6 PM
Friday: Closed
You can find us in the Town Hall by entering through the parking lot door and we are the first office on your left.

Dog registration is now active for the 2018 year!! You can mail a check, register in person, or pay at the Town Clerk's online store. All 2017 licenses expired on December 31st.

Often considered the gateway to local government, the Office of the Town Clerk exists to ensure the integrity of municipal government through the administration of electoral, legislative and record keeping processes. The Clerk's Office adheres to a high code of standards and is dedicated to building trust in Municipal government. We strive to promote a courteous, service oriented team who provides positive professional interaction with elected officials, staff and the general public.

Some of the duties of the Town Clerk's Office

  • To record and preserve all vital statistics: births, deaths, and marriages.
  • Administers oath of office as required to all elected officials, appointed members of boards and committees, and police and fire department personnel, and ensures that all officials are informed in writing of the State's Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest laws. Attests to and maintains documentation on all elected and appointed Town officials, as well as letters of resignation.
  • Serves as Chief Election Officer for the Town, with full responsibility for the complete administration of fair and impartial federal, state, and local elections, including but not limited to maintenance of accurate voter registration lists, absentee ballots, maintenance and accuracy of election systems and equipment, and campaign finance law administration.
  • Conduct the annual town census, prepare the street list of residents.
  • Receives, posts, and/or files all notices of meetings of all town boards and committees, as appropriate; handles public notice filings; records and files applications, maps, and decisions of the Planning Board; records and maintains files on preliminary and definitive subdivision plans; records and files all decisions of the Zoning Board of Appeals and appeals of such decisions.
  • Record and certify all official actions of the Town and keeps the Town Seal.
  • Records state tax liens and Uniform Commercial Code filings.
  • Records and certifies all official actions of Town Meeting legislation and appropriations, prepares and sends newly voted bylaws to the Attorney General’s Office for approval.
  • Serves as a Licensing Officer. Issues state, local and county licenses, permits and certificates including marriage licenses, raffle and bazaar permits, burial permits, business certificates, dog licenses; ensuring that rabies vaccination is current, pole location permits and gasoline and flammables storage permits.
  • To better serve the needs of the residents of Norfolk, we offer Notary Public services.
  • Notary Public services are available during office hours. The individual who is having their signature notarized must have proper identification. All documents to be notarized must be signed in the presence of the Notary.