Important Notice for all Town of Norfolk Real Estate/Personal Property Taxpayers

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December 2002

The Town of Norfolk has implemented a Century Bank "lockbox" processing system for Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills beginning with the enclosed 3rd/4th quarter bills. A lockbox system is a program whereby payments are mailed to a post office box that is frequently picked up throughout the morning by bank couriers who deliver the payments to the bank for same-day processing.

This method was chosen to maximize efficiency in a secure way, and is commonly used among communities for tax and/or utility billing purposes. Century Bank has an excellent reputation in this field for their lockbox system.


Place your check, payable to the Town of Norfolk, with the appropriate remittance slip (payment stub for 2/1/2003 for third quarter credit only) in the enclosed envelope. If you would like to be credited for both quarters now, include both payments slips with your check(s) in the envelope. There are two return envelopes enclosed for use each due date, along with the two Collector's copy of your bill that contain a scan line to credit your account properly. Taxpayers can send one check for multiple payments, or multiple properties, as long a s the total is correct and the slips are included. Separate checks can also be sent with separate remittance slips. The return mail envelopes require postage for mail delivery to the bank.

For those of you who would prefer to drop the payment envelope containing your check and remittance slip at Town Hall, those items will be packaged unopened and sent to Century Bank for processing. However, to avoid unnecessary delays in crediting your account promptly, please adhere to the instructions mentioned above. If you request a receipt from us, the envelope will have to be opened for confirmation, and then packaged for bank delivery. Thank you in advance for your full cooperation during this transition period.