Things to Know

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  • "It's in the mail" is not a sufficient excuse for non-payment of taxes to avoid interest and fee penalties. Payments must be in the office on or before the due dates; postmarks are not relevant.
  • The mail system is beyond the control of the Town; taxpayers must seek a bill if they have not received one.
  • Excise payments in the 1st billing cycle are due 30 days from the issue date and not on the 30th of the month. Contact the Assessors office at (508)528-1120 if you feel your balance owed is incorrect, or if you believe you are eligible for an abatement.
  • Municipal Lien Certificates require a written request with a $25.00 check payable to the Town of Norfolk plus a stamped, self-addressed return envelope.
  • The Town of Norfolk is on a quarterly real estate/property tax due date cycle; the first quarter payment is due August 1st, second quarter is due November 1st, third quarter is due February 1st, and the 4th quarter is due May 1st. Real estate tax bills are mailed out twice a year with two remittance slips. The first property tax bill, which is the preliminary bill, is mailed at the end of June and is for the first and second quarter taxes. Preliminary bills are calculated by using half of the previous year's total tax bill. The second property tax bill, which is the actual tax bill calculated at the new tax rate, is mailed at the end of December and is for the third and fourth quarters.
  • Personal Property Tax Bills are also on the quarterly due date cycle except for those accounts with a total of $25.00 or less on the preliminary tax bill and a total of $25.00 or less on the actual tax bills. The accounts have one preliminary bill due 8/1 and then the actual tax bill is due on 2/1.
  • There's a drop-box adjacent to the main entrance of Town Hall near the parking area for after-hour payments; the box is checked once each morning.
  • Town of Norfolk Payment Acceptance Policy: post-dated checks are not accepted; a $25.00 return check fee will be imposed on each individual item; checks returned for insufficient funds, or any other reason, will not be re-deposited; replacement funds on returned checks are accepted in cash, money order, or bank check only; a check will not be accepted that can not immediately be presented for payment at our bank.
  • Third Party checks are not accepted.
  • As of 1/1/02, those delinquent excise tax accounts that have been assigned to the Town of Norfolk's Deputy Tax Collector, John Brady, can call him directly at (800)559-9211 or (781)545-5125.