Doing Business in Norfolk

Discover Norfolk

Norfolk is a rural-suburban town located in Norfolk County approximately 30 minutes southwest of Boston. This quaint town of nearly 12,000 residents epitomizes New England, and its residents value the true meaning of community.  Along with the historic charm of a New England village, the town also is home to many businesses from small, family run restaurants and construction companies to world class healthcare specialty centers.  Historically, small businesses have been the heartbeat of Norfolk, advocating and supporting economic development improvements for decades. The businesses in Norfolk provide not only important local jobs but also serve as the backbone to Norfolk's economic growth. Businesses play an active role in contributing to Norfolk's future by growing its tax base, revitalizing vacant or underutilized properties, and contributing to the community through direct investment in our schools and open spaces. 

As we navigate the postpandemic economic landscape, the Town is determined to expand its economic development efforts, from working internally with staff and streamlining the permitting process to marketing all the advantages of doing business in Norfolk with potential developers. Norfolk has worked to improve its infrastructure, foster local small businesses, and create a business friendly environment. Recently, the Planning Board underwent zoning improvements and collaborated with the small business community to expand the Town's sign bylaw. The Master Plan process included a workshop for the business community to provide input for the Town's future planning and development decisions. Ultimately, the Master Plan will guide decision-making in Norfolk for the next decade, providing a roadmap as to how Town resources are invested into services, facilities, and infrastructure.  Click here to learn more about Norfolk's Master Plan 2035.

The message, from Town leaders, staff, residents, and business owners, is very clear: Norfolk is open for business.

Interested in starting a business in Norfolk? Are you a current business owner looking to expand? 

Connect with our team! Reach out to the Land Use department at 508-440-2807 to set up a pre-application meeting. The Town offers the opportunity for prospective business owners to meet with staff informally to discuss plans and workout any issues or challenges before the application process starts. These meetings are held monthly or as needed. It's a great chance to discuss your plans with all the stakeholders involved in the development process.