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walking-tour-previewEvery day thousands of people pass through Norfolk Center. Some use the commuter rail, visit the Library, Town Hall, shops, banks, churches, eateries and more. This brochure is an invitation to pause for a while and consider the places and spaces and help define our Town’s history. In many ways, time has been hard on us: most older buildings are gone. But in these Walking Tour stops, you can get an idea of how the Town was and how it evolved over the space of 250 years.

Download "A Walking Tour of Historical Sites in Norfolk Town Center" pamphlet

For more information, visit the Norfolk Historical Commission website. More detailed information on each site may be accessed for further study. You are also encouraged to visit the Schoolroom at our Public Library.

Norfolk Historical Commission
Norfolk Public Library, Board of Library Trustees
Made possible through a grant from the Norfolk Preservation Committee