Inspections Schedule

The Town of Norfolk Building Department is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Inspections are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, by calling the Building Department at 508-528-5088.

We WILL NOT accept inspection requests by text or email.

Building & Mechanical inspections are generally done Monday through Thursday 9:00 AM-1:00 PM.

Any Final Building Inspections MUST be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, no exceptions.  We have 48 hours from the final passed inspection to issue a Certificate of Occupancy.

Wiring & Plumbing / Gas  inspectors are part-time, and they schedule their own inspections. To schedule an inspection for Wiring & Plumbing/Gas, please call the Building Department to schedule directly with each respective Inspector.

The Registered Permit Applicant will be notified via email regarding pass/fail inspection results, as well as any detailed notes or instructions the Inspector suggests/requires. These details will also be available to view on the Online Permitting Portal, and you may log in to your account to see them.

The final set of approved plans shall be kept on site with the Building Permit card.  Any changes to your plan MUST be approved prior to any work being done.  Contact the Building Inspector with any questions or concerns.

Please be aware that Inspectors will not enter a home without the presence of either the homeowner or contractor.


  1. Excavation: Prior to replacing material or stone moved prior to excavation, and prior to placing of concrete for footings, sonotubes, etc...
  2. Reinforced Concrete Work: (If applicable) when steel is in place, before concrete is poured.
  3. Foundation: Complete the following, and then call for Foundation Inspection
    1. Damp proofing or waterproofing
    2. Perimeter drains (3/4 inch stone, covered with approved filter membrane material).
    3. Insulation (if applicable).
  4. Wind Bracing: Verify shear panel locations and proper fastening (if applicable)
  5. Rough Frame Inspection: Complete the following (if required), then call for Frame Inspection
    1.  Rough Electrical Sign-off.
    2. Rough Gas Sign-off.
    3. Rough Plumbing Sign-off.
    4. Rough Mechanical Sign-off.
    5. All fire-stopping and draft-stopping complete.
  6. Chimney/Fireplace: Construction to conform to M.S.B.C... Call for Throat Inspection.
  7. Insulation: Call for Insulation Inspection; after insulating all walls, floors, and ceilings, prior to installing wallboard.   
  8. Above Ceiling Inspection (Commercial Building Only)
  9. Final Occupancy Inspection: Complete the following, and then call for a Final Inspection.
    1. Final Electrical Sign-off.
    2. Final Gas Sign-off.
    3. Final Plumbing Sign-off.
    4. Final Mechanical Sign-off
    5. Final Fire Department Sign-off (Requires house number applied to structure and visible from street. On common or long driveways, numbers must be displayed at the street/driveway entrance).
    6. Board of Health Sign-off, if applicable.
    7.  Certified plot plan final as-built to closest point of structure
    8. New water services require final inspection by the Water Dept.

Note: In addition to the above, any Orders of Conditions from the Conservation Commission, Zoning Board, Planning Board, Historical Commission, or Board of Selectmen, shall be adhered to before any Certificate of Occupancy is issued.