Dog Licensing

In the Town of Norfolk, dog licensing runs on the calendar year, with all licenses expiring December 31st. We open up relicensing in mid-December and all households are sent a dog registration form with their annual Town Census.


For online payments, please click the link on the left hand side of the page titled "Online Payment Center"

The following information is required by my office in order to license your dog:

  • dog's name
  • breed
  • color
  • gender/spayed/neutered
  • date of birth
  • veterinarian
  • owners current contact information
  • a copy of your dogs current rabies certificate is required

A $50.00 late fee will be added to the licensing fee beginning on April 1st per Town Bylaw. Failure to license your dog may result in a police violation from the Animal Control Officer. All violations are in addition to licensing fees and late fees.

You can pay for your dogs license by either mailing a check made payable to the Town of Norfolk and a stamped, self addressed return envelope to: 1 Liberty Lane, Norfolk MA, 02056, put your payment in an envelope marked for the Town Clerk and placed in the drop box located at the rear of Town Hall, or you can pay online. (note: if paying online, bank fees are added by UniBank)


Town Bylaw's on Dog Registration

The license fee is waived for residents 70 years and over with proof of age. (proof of current rabies is still required)

Article XIII Section 4

Registration and License Requirements for Dogs
In accordance with G.L. c. 140, §137, any owner or keeper of a dog six months of age or older shall, beginning January 1 cause the dog to be registered, numbered, described, and licensed
with the Town Clerk in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The license shall be valid until the following December 31st.

As a prerequisite to such licensing, the owner or keeper of the dog must present evidence to the Town Clerk that the dog, if six months of age or older, shall have a current vaccination against
rabies, and proof of spaying or neutering, if applicable. The fee for such a license shall be:

Males and Females (intact): $15.00
Neutered Males and Spayed Females: $10.00
Dog owners over the age of 70: No Fee
Service Animals as defined by the American with Disabilities Act or regulations promulgated thereunder: No Fee
Dangerous Dog Relicensing Fee $30.00
Personal Kennels - (limit of 10 dogs and subject to inspections): $100.00
Commercial Kennels which require Zoning/Building approval before a license will be issued (subject to inspections): $250.00

Should any owner of a dog previously licensed in the Town of Norfolk, fail to re-license their dog by March 31, the owner shall pay a late fee of $50.00 after March 31st.

The owner or keeper of a licensed dog shall cause it to wear around its neck or body a collar or harness to which shall be securely attached: a) the tag evidencing current rabies inoculation; and
b: The license issued by the Town Clerk of Norfolk for the current license period.