Affordable Housing Trust

Affordable Housing Trust


Current Housing Production Plan

Origin: The Norfolk Municipal Affordable Housing Trust, NMAHT, was established May 9, 2006 in accordance with the State of Massachusetts G.L. c. 44, para 55C by unanimous Town of Norfolk vote.

Mission: The purpose of the NMAHT is to provide for the preservation and creation of affordable and community housing in the Town of Norfolk specifically for low and moderate income households.  In this effort, the goal of the Trust is to reach the state of Massachusetts requirement that 10% of the dwellings be affordable.

Historical Summary: NMAHT began shortly after its inception to search for properties that would meet the Trust model for purchase.  The first project was actually moving a house from one location to another.  This was soon followed by working with a national home builder who, in agreement, constructed 4 new homes on property owned by the Town of Norfolk.  A lottery was then conducted, and qualified prospective buyers were independently “drawn from a hat”, and then purchased the homes. Since the NMAHT inception, the current 2022 Norfolk affordable dwellings known as “subsidized housing inventory” (SHI), which include single family homes, condominiums and apartments, account for 6% of the dwellings in Norfolk. 

Present Day Norfolk:  Please click on the site listed below for a visual look at the bucolic Town of Norfolk, Massachusetts.

Future:  NMAHT continues to search for homes that meet its purchase and sale model, striving to create and preserve affordable housing for low and moderate income families.  When developers build multiple housing units, Norfolk has an Inclusionary Zoning Bylaw which requires the developer to provide affordable housing units per a specific formula based on the number of units being built, whether they are single family, condominiums or apartments.  NMAHT contracted an outside consulting firm in 2017 to establish a Housing Production Plan for the town of Norfolk.  This plan was then certified by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) of Massachusetts in October of 2017, and must be renewed every 5 years.  This detailed plan describes the development and growth expectations for Norfolk, and can be viewed on our website.  We are currently working on a Housing Production Plan Update for approval by October of 2022.

The Norfolk Municipal Affordable Housing Trust is looking to purchase homes for $450,000 or less. Please contact Susan Jacobson, Director  at 508-440-2812 (Office)

  • Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Board
  • Tom Cleverdon - Chair
  • Tom Collins - Vice Chair
  • Justin Casanova-Davis, Town Administrator
  • Sandy Smith, Clerk 
  • Bill Conklin - Trustee
  • Robert Shannon - Trustee
  • Mark Henney, Trustee 
For questions regarding Affordable Housing opportunities please contact Susan Jacobson, Director (Norfolk Municipal Affordable  Housing Trust) at 508-440-2812