Lottery Agent Services for Hire

Susan Jacobson is the Norfolk Municipal Affordable Housing Director and offers Lottery Services for in and out of town 40B Developments and Local Initiative Programs/Local Action Units. She is a Lottery Agent certified by both the Department of Community Development and Mass Housing.

Susan has provided Lottery services for the following:

  • 17 Local Action Units in Norfolk, MA
  • 1 Local Action Unit in Medway, MA
  • 8 40B Affordable Units at the Villages at Norfolk Lottery currently closed
  • 10 40B Affordable Units at the Enclave, Norfolk, MA *Closed* Maintaining first come first serve list*

Upcoming Lotteries:

  • 11 40B Units at Lakeland Hills Norfolk, MA
  • 16 40B Units at Waite’s Crossing, Norfolk, MA
  • 2 LIP/LAU units in Medway, MA

Please contact Susan Jacobson directly at 508-440-2812 if you would like information on these services.