Main Street Pole Hearing

Update - The pole hearing was continued for further information and will be discussed at the
March 21, 2023  Norfolk Select Board meeting


The Select Board for the Town of Norfolk will conduct a public hearing in accordance with Chapter 166, Section 22 of the Massachusetts General Laws, on a petition from VERIZON NEW ENGLAND, INC and EVERSOURCE ENERGY (NSTAR ELECTRIC) FOR JOINT POLE LOCATION to grant petitioners joint or identical locations for and permission to erect and maintain poles, wires and cables, together with anchors, guys and other such sustaining and protecting fixtures as they may find necessary, said poles to be erected substantially in accordance with the plan marked Plan No. 1A5PW1V dated November 10, 2022, filed herewith, upon along and across the following public way or ways of said town:

Main Street – Place one (1) jointly owned pole numbered T.62½/E.62M on the south side of Main Street at a point approximately seven hundred sixty-seven (767) feet easterly from the center line of Rockwood Road.

Also, for permission to lay and maintain underground laterals, cables and wires in the above or intersecting public ways for the purpose of making connections with such poles and buildings as each of said petitioners may desire for distributing purposes. Petitioners agree to reserve space for one crossarm at a suitable point upon each of said poles for the telephone, fire, and police signal wires belonging to the town and used by it for municipal purposes.

This hearing will be conducted on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, at 7:00 p.m., in Meeting Room 124, One Liberty Lane, Norfolk, MA, as well as via Zoom online video conferencing remote access.


Anita Mecklenburg, Chair

Kevin Kalkut, Vice Chair / Clerk

Link to Stamped Public Hearing Notice
Link to Plan Map
Link to Petitioner's Request