Town Hill Reservations

Norfolk residents, businesses, and governmental agencies can request the use of Town Hill for events, gatherings, weddings, etc.  As Town Hill is the responsibility of the Norfolk Select Board, they must vote and approve the use of Town Hill in an open meeting.  The Select Board typically meets on the first and third Tuesdays of the month.  The official postings can be seen on

To reserve Town Hill:
Submit the linked application with details about the event.
Once the date has been confirmed as available, the Select Board administration staff will place the request on an upcoming Select Board agenda for discussion and vote.   To ensure proper timing for Select Board approval, please submit your request at least 3 weeks in advance.  The administration staff will check for any public safety concerns with the DPW, Police and Fire departments.  Should a police detail be required, the event organizer should reach out to Norfolk Police directly at

A refundable $100 deposit check is required a week prior to the event made out to the Town of Norfolk.  After the event, the Select Board office will confirm with the DPW that Town Hill was left in good standing and the $100 deposit will be shredded.  If Town Hill is not left in good standing, the event organizer will be contacted by the Select Board office and informed that the $100 check will be cashed and used to offset the cost of the damage and/or cleanup.

The DPW can provide additional trash receptacles and assistance for an additional fee if requested at

There is a $10 non-refundable fee for the use of gazebo electricity.  This check must be submitted a week prior to the event as a separate check made out to the Town of Norfolk.

Please note that the use of stakes on Town Hill is strictly prohibited.  If tents, signs, etc. need to be secured, we ask that the hosts utilize weights instead.  This protects the well irrigation system that is underground protecting tax dollars from costly repairs.

Helpful information and/or forms:
Request for Use of Town Hill
Town Hill Usage Policy
Event Sign, Sandwich Board, and Banner Guidelines