COA Provides Update on Renovations and Reopening

Monday, May 8, 2023 

NORFOLK — Town Administrator Justin Casanova-Davis, Council on Aging Director Karen Edwards and Director of Facilities Matt Haffner would like to share an update regarding the ongoing renovations and expected reopening of the Norfolk Senior

The Norfolk Senior Center has been closed to the public since the beginning of February following a pipe burst that resulted in extensive damage to the building. Despite taking several precautions ahead of the unusually cold weather that occurred over the weekend that the pipe burst, including increasing the heat and keeping doors open to allow for the proper circulation of heat, the temperatures were too low. This caused the pipe to burst above the ceiling space on the side of the building near the front desk and the office to the left of the front desk. The burst resulted in the ceiling in those areas to collapse and pools of water to collect on the ground, which caused damage to the top floor and all of the downstairs floor.

Since the center was closed, the Facilities Department has worked with the town's insurance carrier to expedite the initial water mitigation and to come up with approved values to complete the repairs to the building. The facility has since been fully dried out and multiple large dumpsters have hauled away damaged building materials along with programming items, electronics, and supplies. 

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