Housing Assistance Relief Program/HARP PROGRAM

Program summary:   This program utilizes Affordable Housing Trust AND CPA funds for a rental/mortgage assistance program. During the pandemic and time of crisis, where many households are experiencing a loss of income, rental/mortgage assistance can help to maintain housing stability.   The program will provide rental/mortgage assistance in a form of a grant for the purpose of supporting eligible households maintain housing.  

Grant Restrictions:  Grant Amount:  Monthly rental assistance shall not exceed $500/month, with a total amount of assistance not to exceed $1,500 each grant period.  Grant Duration:  Grants will be issued for a three-month period and can be renewed, upon re-certification of income and based on availability of funds, for a total of three renewal periods  Grant Agreement:  Grant agreements will be executed between the  Trust, the beneficiary and the property owner to satisfy anti-aid considerations.  All payments will be made directly to the property owner.

Program Eligibility:  Residency Requirement:  Households must be currently living in NORFOLK or with lease for property in town to start within 30 days.  Demonstration of Need: Applicants must demonstrate that they currently spend more than 30% of their gross annual income on rent (and certain utilities) to be eligible for rental assistance. (Note:  households currently receiving state or federal assistance are not eligible for the program).   

Unit Requirements:  Property owner and applicant must certify the property is in satisfactory condition.   
Income Eligibility:  Household income must be below 80% AMI as published periodically by HUD.  

Application Process:  Initial program applications will be available for 30 days.  Applicants must submit sufficient documentation to determine eligibility.  After the 30 day period, it will be determined if the requests exceed available funding and if so a lottery will be held to select program participants using a random selection with no preferences besides eligibility.  If the requests do not exceed program fund availability, the program will remain open and except applications on a first-come first served basis.   

Program Funding and Administration:  Each participating community will designate funds for the program, and the Affordable Housing Director will create all program documents, process the applications and administer the program. The Affordable Housing Director will facilitate legal review using Trust program funds.  Both the member community and Housing Director will perform the outreach for the program, the member community will designate a point of contact for residents.